Get a few seconds into “Hi There” and two things will become immediately apparent: Magix is a man of the people, and he loves his city. The entire video is essentially a montage dedicated to his come up in Chicago. He poses with friends, hugs passersby, and waves to little kids. This isn’t anything fancy, but it doesn’t, or rather, it shouldn’t have to be. “Hi There” paints an accurate picture of Magix and showcases him as a regular guy who is passionate about music and loves the fuck out of Chicago.

Magix is far from a household name (he only has 166 followers on SoundCloud as of this writing) but is still very much worth following closely. Judging by the amount of joy plastered on his face as he walks about town meeting people, you can bet your bottom dollar this is not the last we see of him.  Be sure to keep an eye out for him as time goes on and if you see him around town, make sure you say “Hi There.” -James Schiff

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Hip Hop Basement

Magix King Conjures Up a "Sick Summer"

Magix King Spits Inspiration In “Snow Bootz”

"Magix (he says the ‘x’ is pronounced like a ‘c’ both to protect his brand and it makes him easier to find on the Internet) has already released the first single. “Hi There” is a great entrée into his positive message, rapid-fire raps and heavily layered (but never too busy) production. "
"The professional spitting on his flow is continuous, matching and the rhyming scheme is correct. The producer did a really good job with syncing the artist voice and the beat speed. He serves the beat with punchlines after punchlines; his mouth is a lyrical furnace."
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The NYC Grind

"One More Time" Magix King Drops One For The Ladies After Dark

Hip-Hop, Honesty & Positivity With Magix King In "Snow Bootz"

"These are clever lyrics. You can already feel that the song is no ordinary RnB or Rap, but an extension of the artist,....  This type of flow and lyric speaks volume about the artist and his writing capabilities."
"It is a great hit for the grinders who are all about paper chasing. “First you find your wings and I promise we gon make fit”, the lyrics are fly and it is a track that is hard not to love…unless you are a hater."
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